Card & Paper

Laser Cutting & Engraving Applications

Laser cut and engraved card offers a high quality and unique stationery solution, whatever your needs are.


Delicate and intricate designs easily be cut, offering precision cutting that hand-cutting simply cannot achieve.

Laser cutting is a fast cutting method, saving clients time and money, whilst simultaneously achieving professional laser cut finishes. 


Engraved designs can also be produced on to card and paper to create something completely different to printing, depending on the card stock used, the results will be different.

We have no minimum order quantities, so clients are welcome to order one offs or thousands of units as we have the flexibility to create just the amount needed.

Accurate Cutting & Detailed Engraving

Cutting, Scoring, Perforating

Laser cutting paper and card offers endless possibilities for creating high quality wedding stationery, packaging, business cards, decoratons, brochures and lots more.

Even the smallest lettering and detailed graphics can be obtained by laser engraving card and paper. Depending on the card/paper used, the results will be different as the laser removes the top layer allowing for a high quality finish.

Cutting, engraving, scoring and perforating can be achieved by using different settings on the laser.

Send Us Your Artwork File(s)

Card and paper includes fine paper, art paper, uncoated paper, handmade paper, cardboard, card, corrugated cardboard and more, each one providing their own advantages.

Email us your vector artwork file(s) and fill in our quote form to get a quote to create your amazing products.

If you don't have any artwork done yet but want to discuss it further, please contact us so we can have a chat.