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Laser Engraving & Marking Applications

High quality laser cut and engraved components for your architecture model and model making needs.

Laser cutting model components is a fast and cost effective cutting method, offering the perfect production solution, saving you both production time and money.

Precision cutting for small, intricate designs, which would virtually be impossible to accurately cut by hand, is so easy with our laser cutting service.

Please send your artwork file(s) to us so that we can give you a quote to create your model components today.

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Precision Cutting & Detailed Engraving

Intricate components such as model fences, staircases, windows etc. can all be laser cut with precision and quickly. Cutting these by hand, would undoubtedly, take hours if not days to cut and they wouldn't be as accurately cut as a laser.

Laser engraving brickwork detail on houses and buildings is one of the many engraving applications used in model making. Using laser engraving to add textures to materials, gives them the life-like appeal that's always looked for.

Model making and architectural models are often made from materials such as acrylic, cardboard, foam, MDF, paper, PMMA, plastics, polystyrene, textiles, veneer, plywood, wood and others, each one providing their own strong advantages.

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