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Wood Laser Cutting & Engraving

Laser cutting Wood sheet, a versatile material choice

Wood engraving is one of the more popular applications for the laser because it encompasses so many different applications:

Company logo’s, corporate branding, laser cut art plaques and signage, Skateboards, decorative products, gifts and more…

Key benefits laser engraving wood
Our Trotec laser engraver – industry leading machine!

High quality Raster Engraving up to 600mm x 300mm laser bed size.
Huge stock of wood sheets and MDF laminates.
Machine fits objects up to 130mm in depth.

We can engrave all types of wood? The laser works extremely well with all woods, from MDF to exotic hardwoods. Each produces a different quality when engraved. Various depths can also be achieved when laser engraving wood. This is controlled by the setting we apply to the laser. 2-3mm is the approximate limit for this.

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