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Retro Electric came to us with a fantastic project!




To create stylish logo plates from a sheet of stainless steel, to be fitted to their electric converted classic cars.

After the initial consult, we arranged for the stainless steel sheet to be dropped into the office (COVID-19 safe) and the artwork of the logo to be finalised.


Using a compound spray; CerMark™, the entire sheet had to be sprayed ensuring of an even coating. The spray is activated by the laser beam; leaving a permanent black mark on the stainless steel, in this case, the Retro Electric company logo. Once we set up the laser with the correct settings, it didn't take that long to do its job, and marked the logos onto the sheet. Once finished, we cleaned the residue spray away and got it ready for collection.


We don't have the machinery to cut stainless steel, so Retro Electric collected the sheet and cut the plates themselves. We think they turned out amazing, as did Retro Electric – they were over the moon with the quality of the finish.


A plate is now added to each electric classic car they convert, proudly displaying their company logo.

APPLICATION: Custom Branding

SERVICE:         Laser Marking

COMPANY:       Retro Electric

MATERIAL:       Stainless Steel

ADDITIONAL:   CerMark™ Spray

PHOTOS:          Ashford Lasers + Retro Electrics

YEAR:               2021


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