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Ashford Lasers are an award winning laser cutting, engraving and marking service provider in Ashford Kent. We help clients nationally and internationally with our top quality laser services. We can complete one-off projects, prototypes, multiple products and large volume orders if required.

We care about the environment immensely. Our laser machines are from the Trotec family who manufacture lasers to very strict Austrian environmental laws.​​​


Environmentally Friendly 

We have installed sixteen solar panels with one of the most efficient power inverters that you can get at our design studio. This means we can now operate our Trotec lasers machines completely environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Materials

All our materials we use are fully sustainable and recyclable. The materials left over after the laser process is then reused for any small products. Any waste material that is left is recycled. We pride ourselves on reducing waste and we endeavor to be find the best environmentally friendly materials.

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