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Are you able to give a quote based on a phone call description?

No, unfortunately it's impossible to give any quotes based on a description. We need to have technical data to be able to work out quotes.

How do I get a quote?

You will need to send us your laser-ready vector files and full job specifications using our Get a Quote form. On this page, details the information that we will require to be able to work out a quote for your project.

How do you work out quotes?

We need to estimate how long it will take to complete the job from start to finish.

Do we need to work on your files to get them laser-ready?

If supplying your own material – do we will need to test it first?

Do we need to create a jig to process your job?

How much material is required to finish the job?

How long will the laser cutting and/or engraving process take?

How many units are needed?

Is postage required?

So, as you see, we need a lot of information to be able to work out a quote.

What’s the maximum size you can laser cut/engrave?

Our laser bed size is 610 x 305mm (24 x 12").

The maximum material size we can fit into the machine is 600x 300mm and for objects to be engraved/marked, the maximum workpiece height is 157 mm.

Are there any materials you can't put in the laser?

Yes - we cannot use any PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) materials, or materials containing PVC.

The material emits toxic fumes and not only will it ruin our machine, it's extremely dangerous for us too.

This material also includes vinyls, we will not put these into our machine.

I'd like to actually speak to someone, face to face, about my project, is that possible?

Of course, we'd love to speak to you about your project.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment for you to come to us to discuss your project.

Please note that we do not accept anyone to the office without a pre-arranged appointment.

Can I stay in the studio whilst my job is being processed?

No, we can't allow you to stay.

Jobs are placed in a queue, which can take up to 5 days to process, therefore it would be impossible to say when the job will be processed.

You can drop off materials and collect the finished project at a pre-arranged time.

How do I set up my files to be laser-ready?

We will need your files to be set up as vector files.

Please see our Artwork Guidelines for detailed information on how to get your files laser-ready.

I need my project done in a rush, is this something you can do?

It depends on what jobs we already have in the workshop.

We can offer a 24hr and 48hr service, which is charged at a premium rate as we will need to place our current work on hold to process your order.

If you need your project done in short notice, please state this on the Get a Quote form.

Can I just turn up to your office, or do I need to book an appointment?

You will need to contact us to arrange an appointment. Whether you're dropping off materials, collecting your completed project or wanting to discuss your project, you will still need to make an appointment to come to the office.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept anyone who just turns up at the door.

Can I get a sample of my project made first?

Yes of course you can.

We can make a sample of your project first before the full production goes ahead.

We will need to charge for this as we still need to go through the process of producing the sample. We can quote separately for this.

I don't have any artwork files yet, can you give me a rough quote?

If you don't have any vector files yet and want to get a rough idea on how much your project is going to cost, we can give you a rough estimate based on the following information.

We will need from you:

If laser cutting:

  • a sketch of all the parts needed to be laser cut, including dimensions, in mm, of each part.

  • a sketch, photo or image to show how the finished product will look.

  • quantity of each part or units

  • the material type and thickness

  • the material sheet size (if providing your own)

If engraving or marking an object:

  • a photo of the object to be engraved

  • the dimensions of the object

  • a sketch or image of the engraving

  • quantity of objects

  • the material of the object

Estimates produced from non-vector data are guidelines only and are subject to change once we receive the final vector artwork. We reserve the right to alter estimates and quotes at any time.


Can I supply my own materials?

Yes, of course.

Many clients send us their materials and objects to be laser cut, engraved or marked.

Although, not all materials are laser friendly, so we will need to know what the material is made from. We will require the data sheets for the material to establish whether it's laserable and not toxic.

If we've not used the material before, we will need to test it in the machine to get the correct settings for cutting, engraving or marking. Therefore, we will require additional material to test on.

Do you hold any materials in stock?

We have some sheet materials in stock, such as laserply wood and acrylics.

It's impossible for us to hold every material available to us, and as each project is unique, we will probably have to order in the material(s) needed.

If we don't have the material, we can easily order it in from our suppliers which, providing it's in stock, can be delivered to us the next working day.

Depending on the material, it may need to be a special order. If so, an extra charge will be factored into the material charge on the quotation.

Can you cut metals?

No, we can't. We use CO2 lasers which cannot cut metals at all.

We can however, laser mark metals and coated metals.

You can supply the metal for us to laser mark or we can arrange for pre-cut metals to be ordered from our supplier.

Can I hire the machine to do the job myself?

With regret, no.

We don't offer our machine for hire as it can only be operated by us.


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