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We hope to exceed every client's expectations by providing the best service we possibly can and hope that our satisfied clients continue to recommend our services whenever they can.


We strongly advise that the following terms are read and understood. Should you have any questions about anything in these terms please get in touch.


If you've been left disappointed in any way by our services, please let us know and we will do our very best to assist you in every way we can, and to amicably resolve all disputes.


1.1  The 'Client' – refers to the person or business named on the formal quote and invoice.

1.2  The 'Company' – referred to as: We, Us, Our, Ashford Lasers.

1.3  'Formal Quote' – refers to the Company's offer of services to the Client, valid for 30 days.

1.4  'Goods' – refers to all materials and services supplied by the Company as specified in the formal quote and invoice.

1.5  The 'Contract' – refers to the agreed arrangement between the Client and the Company and is based on the information given on the formal quote and invoice. It is the Client's responsibility to check every detail contained in the formal quote and invoice carefully to ensure it conforms to requirements. Amendments to the quote and invoice should be provided in writing; verbal communications are open to misunderstandings.

1.6  It is understood by the Company, that when the Client decides to proceed with any order by written confirmation, they are agreeing with the terms set out below.





2.1  Ashford Lasers offers laser cutting, engraving and marking services; vinyl cutting and dry-sublimation printing of products. Fabrication, production and design are also included.

2.2  Our website offers advice on the laser process and what to expect from each process. Please refer to for each processing service, or contact us for more information.

2.3  Prices do not include VAT – Ashford Lasers are not VAT registered and are not permitted to add VAT to prices. Services are only available to UK clients. Goods must be paid for upon receiving our invoice and before any work is undertaken. If it's not on the quote, it's not included – so please check. Please refer to Section 3, Price and Payment, in these Terms for additional information.

2.4  All laser cutting, engraving and marking services requires digital artwork, which should be provided by the Client as per our specifications as detailed in the Get Started section of our website - please refer to this and Section 5. Drawings and Artwork, for more information.

2.5  Laser cutting, engraving and marking can be carried out on materials provided by us and objects, products and materials provided by the Client. It is preferred that the Company provides its own materials for quality and suitability purposes. Please refer to Section 6. Materials, for further information.

2.6 All Goods are supplied on the understanding that these terms are understood and accepted.




3.1  Prices are in GBP and are as specified in the Quote and Invoice; for any UK client. No VAT is applicable.

3.2  We accept no responsibility to provide services, or additional services that are not specified on the Quote or Invoice; ie. assembly, finishing, postage etc.

3.3  Laser testing and material testing work is chargeable.

3.4  Payment terms are specified in the Quote and Invoice.

3.5  Unless otherwise agree or specified, cleared payments must be received by the Company before any work can start on the Client's project. If delay of payment occurs, the process of the Client's order will also be delayed.

3.6  Bank transfer (BACS) is preferred and can avoid any potential delays. Card payment, via a secure link, can also be accepted. Email confirmation of bank transfers is appreciated.

3.7  The Company do not operated Credit or Account terms.

3.8  Invoices must be settled upon receipt; or the Goods will be delayed.




4.1  We are committed to a standard of packing which is suitable for delivery. Additional packing requirements should be quoted for and agreed in advance.

4.2  Suitable delivery methods will be arranged by the Company; the delivery address and all charges will be stated on the Quote and Invoice.

4.3  The Client can collect Goods by appointment only.

4.4  Should the Client intend to use their own courier service, this should be pre-arranged and the Company informed.

4.5  For the passing of risk, the Companies responsibility for accidental damage or destruction of Goods ends once the Goods leave company premises. Predefined in Incoterms rules by the ICC as EXW or Ex Works.

4.6  If Goods are damaged in transit, the Client should seek compensation from the carrier's insurance in the first instance. The Company will provide assistance where possible, including re-cutting lost or damaged parts, on an urgent basis and at reduced rates.




5.1  If incorrect artwork is supplied by the Client, we may be required to amend drawings in line with our laser format, which is a chargeable service. If no artwork is supplied, we may be required to create artwork which is a chargeable service. Prior agreement to work on any drawings and their charges will be sought in advance.

5.2  The Company's team can produce artwork for cutting, engraving or marking services. Drawing specifications and any changes to drawing specifications should be confirmed in writing only – verbal instructions will not be accepted as we cannot be held responsible for any misinterpretations.

5.3  Artwork may be subject to cancellation or modification charges once work has commenced.

5.4  Artwork needs to be produced before work can be accurately quoted. The Client will be liable for any drawing charges, even if the project does not proceed. A Quote for any drawing services will be provided prior to commencing.

5.5  It is Company policy to cut, engrave or mark exactly to a Client's artwork, with no drawing modifications (unless pre-arranged). The Company offers prototyping, drawing adjustments and post cut tolerance testing as additional services and can be quoted.

5.6  If the Client is not confident of their artwork suitability for the laser process, the Company can offer an additional drawing evaluation and modification service, which may be chargeable. Otherwise, it will be assumed that our laser artwork guidelines have been followed and it is suitable for the laser.

5.7 Scaled and annotated engineering drawings are generally not accepted. Lasers will read annotation as markings for engraving. 1:1 scaled, non-annotated, vector files are preferred, but scaled and annotated drawings can be amended, which may be chargeable.

5.8  The Company will only save the Client's artwork files for the duration of the current project. Should the Client wish us to keep the artwork files for future uses, the Company should be advised and appropriate arrangements will be made.




6.1  Ashford Lasers are committed to providing materials of a high standard, which have been tested for laser compatibility and suitability.

6.2 Variations will occur in natural materials and manufactured materials (i.e. Cast PERSPEX is manufactured in accordance with ISO7823-1, which means for the thickness range of 2 to 25mm, a manufacturing tolerance of + / -10% plus 0.4mm (e.g. an 8mm cast sheet could vary from 6.8mm to 9.2mm in thickness). It is not the Company's responsibility to pre-check material thickness or any other parameters before commencing laser work. We take the manufacturers specification details in good faith, and use these materials in the accepted way. We can check materials tolerances and communicate these to the Client, prior to commencing laser work, as an additional service if required.

6.3  Ashford Lasers will not be held accountable for any inconsistencies in materials that could result in inaccuracies with cutting engraving or marking. Every effort will be made to ensure of the best results possible, and in many cases, we will offer to redo any unsatisfactory work, as a show of good faith. This does not constitute the Company accepting liability.

6.4  Most sheet materials are purchased with a protective covering. The top layer may be removed prior to cutting, and will definitely be removed prior to engraving and marking. The back layer provides protection both in the laser and during transport ensuring it arrives in the best condition possible. It is left to the Client to remove the backing layer upon delivery. Ashford Lasers offers backing removal and other finishing services as additional services which may be chargeable.

6.5  When a Client provides their own material for laser work, it is their responsibility to ensure they are in good condition and suitable for the laser and the project. The Company reserves the right to refuse materials they suspect are not suitable and to seek damages if the material causes harm to Company staff and/or equipment.

6.6  If the Company carries out the Client's instructions on their materials and the results are not as expected, this does not constitute a mistake on the part of Ashford Lasers; and will not be liable for a refund of any laser service charges or for the value or replacement of the material.

6.7  Every reasonable precaution will be taken with a Client's material whilst in the Company's possession. Ashford Lasers are not liable to accidental loss or damage to Client's materials. The Company will ensure materials are stored in an appropriate way to ensure it is kept safe to avoid loss or damage.

6.8  Ashford Lasers do not store Client's materials indefinitely. Without specific written agreement, Client materials should be used within one month from date of arrival. After three months, the Company reserves the right to charge for storage and/or dispose of the material as they see fit.

6.9  It is strongly recommended materials purchased by the Company are used whenever possible to maintain high quality materials and work.




7.1  Ashford Lasers will make every reasonable effort to ensure that Client's communications and design artwork files are kept entirely confidential.

7.2  If the Client requests work of a Copyrighted design, owned by the Client or 3rd party, it will be assumed that the Client has obtained and granted all relevant permissions. The Company will not be liable for Copyright breach when acting on the Client's instructions.

7.3 Any design or product designed by the Company, remains the intellectual property of the Company regardless of whether it has been specifically protected by Copyright, Trade Marks, Patents, Design rights or Registered Designs, and can only be used under license with written permission from the Company and it licensors, all rights reserved.

7.4  The Company reserves the right to use images of Client work on our website and/or social media platforms. If the Client does not want images to be shared digitally, you must inform the Company in writing and images will be removed immediately.




8.1  If the Company makes an error due to a fault on the machine, incorrect processing or wrong materials used, a full replacement will be offered to the Client. If a replacement isn't possible, a full refund will be paid back to the Client within 28 days.

8.2 If a fault is due to unexpected results, artwork set up issues or unrealistic expectations; a cost for making changes and re-cutting will be passed on to the Client. A refund will only be offered if the error is on the part of the Company.




9.1 In the event that the Company fails to deliver a product or service by an agreed date, or that the product fails then the Company shall not be liable for consequential loss.

9.2 No addition to or variation of these conditions will bind the Company, unless it is specifically agreed in writing and signed by the owner of the Company.

9.3 No agent or person employed by or under contract with the Company has the authority to alter or vary these conditions in any way, unless it is specifically agreed in writing and signed by the owner of the Company.




10.1  If you require further information regarding our Terms &Conditions, please write to us at: Ashford Lasers, 10 Deyley Way, Singleton, Ashford, Kent, TN23 5HX or email us at

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