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Component and tool control trays


The efficiency, organization, safety, and asset protection offered by component and tool control foam trays make them a valuable addition to various workspaces, helping you to streamline your operations and maintain high standards of quality and accountability.


Our custom-designed component and tool control foam trays are engineered to meet the exacting standards of diverse industries, ensuring your tools and components are not just stored but expertly organised and safeguarded.

Customised for Your Needs

Our foam trays are precision-tailored to fit the dimensions and shapes of your tools and components. Each slot is designed to cradle your equipment snugly, ensuring a secure and precise fit.


Laser-Cut Precision

We use advanced laser cutting technology to create intricately detailed and precise cutouts for each tool. This precision-cut foam guarantees a level of protection and organisation that's second to none.


Visual Management

Color-coded and visually intuitive layouts make it effortless to spot missing tools or components at a glance. Enhance your accountability and reduce the risk of foreign objects in sensitive environments.


Durable High-Density Foam

Our foam trays are crafted from high-density, closed-cell polyethylene foam, chosen for its exceptional durability, resistance to wear and tear, and its ability to shield against impacts, moisture, and chemicals.


Custom Branding and Labelling

Personalise your foam trays with your company logo. Clear labelling on each slot ensures easy identification of each tool, making it clear what belongs where.

We specialise in supplying top-quality laser-cut component and tool control foam trays designed to meet the precise needs of your industry. Our customisable solutions provide unparalleled organisation and protection for tools and components, optimising efficiency and safety in your workspace.


Contact us to explore how our foam trays can enhance your operations and reduce the risk of tool loss or damage.


  • Efficiency: Provide a structured environment where every tool has a designated place, enabling you to locate and access what you need swiftly.

  • Protection: Tools and components are securely held in place, preventing any movement that might lead to damage during transport or storage.

  • Safety: Improved organisation and accountability enhance safety in a variety of industries where precise tool management is critical.

  • Time Savings: By streamlining tool retrieval, our foam trays save valuable time and increase productivity.

  • Customisation: We offer customisation to meet your unique requirements, no matter how specialised your equipment may be.

  • Visual Accountability: The visual cues integrated into our foam trays help you instantly spot any missing tools, increasing accountability and asset protection.

  • Cost Savings: The extended lifespan of tools and equipment due to proper storage results in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

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