Over the years, we've found that many of our clients want to talk about, and show what they want help with to enable them to achieve their project.


Discussing projects also enable us to get a much better idea of what our clients want and it certainly stops all the toing and froing of tons of emails and any miscommunications.


As we're unable to host any clients at the office, we have started to offer clients the opportunity to book a 30 minute online consultation with Darren.


With years of engineering, design and machine experience, Darren has been helping our clients create their projects and bring them to fruition. So book your 30 minute online consultation and see how Darren can help you.

Whether you want advice on how to draw your designs, what materials to use for your project or just want a better understanding of what we can offer you, please book yourself a consultation. We're happy to help.


It's easy to book; we have a new online booking system where you can choose the date and time which suits you - just click the button below


So grab yourself a cuppa and get ready to talk about your project.


We look forward to seeing how we can help you!