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Quality Protection Foam Inserts


At Ashford Lasers, we understand that safety is paramount in a world where precision and protection are key. That's why we offer top-tier custom foam inserts designed exclusively for safety purposes.


When it comes to safety, one size does not fit all. That's why our custom foam inserts are meticulously crafted to fit your unique needs. Whether you're in the medical field, aerospace industry, or any other sector where safety matters, we've got you covered.

Safety is about confidence, and our custom foam inserts deliver just that. You can trust that your valuable tools, instruments, and gear are safe from damage, ensuring they're always ready for action when you need them most.


Safety Equipment Organisation

One of the primary advantages of our custom foam inserts is the ability to maintain impeccable organisation of safety equipment. Whether you're working in a bustling construction site, a busy laboratory, or an outdoor adventure setting, keeping safety gear organised and easily accessible is essential. Our tailored foam solutions ensure that safety helmets, goggles, respirators, and other protective gear are neatly arranged, making it effortless to locate and don when needed. With this level of organisation, safety measures are not compromised, and quick access to essential safety equipment is assured.


Sensitive Instrument Protection

In fields where precision and sensitivity are paramount, such as medical, scientific, and aerospace industries, the protection of delicate instruments is a top priority. Our custom foam inserts are designed to provide impeccable safeguarding for your sensitive instruments, shielding them from potential damage during transport, storage, or daily use. With our foam inserts, you can have the peace of mind that your invaluable instruments are well-protected and ready for their intended purpose whenever you require them.


Emergency Response Preparedness

In critical situations where every second counts, being prepared with readily accessible equipment is a matter of life and death. Our custom foam inserts play a vital role in emergency response preparedness by ensuring that critical equipment is organised and ready for immediate use. Whether it's for first responders, medical professionals, or disaster relief teams, our foam inserts help maintain a high level of readiness, allowing swift and efficient response in emergency situations.


Aircraft Safety Gear

Aviation professionals, whether in commercial or private aviation, rely on safety gear for protection in potentially hazardous situations. Our custom foam inserts are crafted to safeguard and transport essential aircraft safety equipment. From life vests and oxygen masks to emergency escape equipment, our foam solutions ensure that safety gear remains in pristine condition, ready for deployment when needed, and easily transported to aircraft locations.


Medical Tool Organisation

In the medical field, precision and hygiene are of utmost importance. Our custom foam inserts excel at organising and protecting medical instruments and equipment. By providing a secure and designated space for each instrument, our foam solutions help healthcare professionals maintain a sterile environment, prevent contamination, and ensure that instruments are readily accessible during medical procedures.


Laboratory Safety

Sensitive lab equipment requires meticulous care and protection to maintain accuracy and reliability in scientific experiments and research. Our custom foam inserts are engineered to safeguard sensitive lab equipment, preventing damage during handling, transport, and storage. With our foam solutions, researchers can focus on their work with confidence, knowing their valuable equipment is secure and protected.


Construction Site Safety

Construction sites can be high-risk environments, where safety is paramount. Our custom foam inserts play a crucial role in construction site safety by keeping hard hats, goggles, and respirators organised and clean. Maintaining the integrity and hygiene of safety gear is essential in ensuring the well-being of workers, and our foam inserts provide the ideal solution for achieving this goal.


Outdoor Adventure Safety

For outdoor enthusiasts embarking on adventures in rugged terrain, having reliable safety gear is essential. Our custom foam inserts are designed to secure and transport safety gear, including first aid kits, navigation tools, and survival equipment. Whether you're hiking, camping, or engaging in extreme sports, our foam solutions ensure that your safety gear is protected and easily accessible, enhancing your preparedness for any outdoor adventure.

Our custom foam inserts are engineered to provide the ultimate protection for your most valuable assets. Whether you're ensuring the safety of your personnel, equipment, or critical instruments, our custom foam inserts are the trusted choice.


Don't compromise on safety. Experience the peace of mind that comes with precision protection. Contact us today to discuss your specific safety needs and request a quote. We're dedicated to delivering custom foam insert solutions that help you protect what matters most.


Custom foam solutions for safety have a wide range of applications across various industries. Custom foam inserts, padding, and protective packaging can be tailored to meet unique safety requirements.


  • Construction: Safety padding for hard hats, goggles, and respirators; protect workers from sharp edges and create a safer work environment.

  • Healthcare and Medical: Protect delicate medical instruments; enhance patient safety and comfort.

  • Aerospace: Cushioning for aircraft seats and protective padding for sensitive components.

  • Military and Defence: Protect firearms, ammunition, explosives, and sensitive equipment safely; ensure military gear remains secure and undamaged.

  • Emergency Services: Medical kits, communication devices, and tactical gear.

  • Outdoor Adventure and Sports: Padding for helmets, body armour, and protective gear used in activities such as cycling, skateboarding, and snow sports.

  • Manufacturing and Industrial: Protect workers from machinery hazards; soundproofing and vibration control.

  • Transportation and Automotive: Impact-absorbing materials in vehicle interiors, cushioning for seats and headrests, and protective padding for cargo during transit.

  • Scientific and Laboratory: Protect fragile glassware and sensitive instruments; ensures lab equipment remains undamaged during use and transport.

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