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Laser Cutting Services


Custom branded wooden buttons for hand-knitted hats.

Custom Made Branding

Client Brief : To create logo artwork and laser engrave logo onto pre-purchased wood buttons.

We were asked to source wooden buttons and customise them by engraving the company name. These buttons were to be attached to hand-knitted hats as a way to stand out from others.

Sourcing wooden buttons in the UK proved to be difficult; they could only be purchased in China, so the client ordered them and had them shipped direct to us. One side of the button had a slight curve and after testing, we found a better finish was produced on the back; it was agreed to engrave the back of the buttons. These buttons are now the perfect finishing touch for our client’s hand-knitted hats.

Application:        Custom Branding

Service:                Laser Engraving

Materials:            Wood

Product:               Buttons

Year:                      2014

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