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Laser Cutting Services


Custom acrylic trophies for end of season award celebrations.

Custom Made Branding

Client Brief : Create custom acrylic trophies with personalisation of football club's logo, players and leagues.

We designed a double-layered rectangular shape trophy which was big enough to engrave the club's logo and all the team player's names. The engraving on the front clear acrylic panel has been reversed engraved, which shows the milky white logo and text on the front. The back panel is cut from plain red and black acrylics. Both rectangles stand in individual slots within the double-layered stand, also made from black acrylic.

Application:    Custom Trophies

Service:            Laser Cutting and Engraving

Materials:        Clear, red and black acrylics (Perspex®)

Product:          Double layer trophies

Year:                  2016

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