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Laser Cutting Services


Customise glass skull shaped vodka bottles with company branding for corporate gifts.

Custom Made Branding

Client Brief : Engrave glass skull vodka bottles with company logo so they could use them for corporate gifts.

We were approached by the company to engrave their logo onto the back of some crystal glass bottles so they could gift them to their clients. After the consultation with the client, they sent some bottles for us to engrave and emailed us their logo artwork.

The bottles are expensive so there wasn’t one spare for testing; we had to use a glass substitute to get the correct settings on the laser. We also had to create a jig for the bottle to stay in one place whilst the engraving took place. Due to the design and size of the bottle, we found the easiest option was for us to create a Lego® jig – it was perfect. The logo came out perfect for the bottles.

We’ve kept the file and settings to use for their repeat orders.

Application:        Customise product for corporate gifting

Service:                Laser Engraving

Materials:            Crystal Glass

Product:              Skull Vodka Bottles

Year:                      2017

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