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Laser Cutting Services


Custom acrylic display stand to display homemade dog treats at craft fairs.

Custom Made Branding

Client Brief : Create a custom acrylic stand to display homemade dog lollipops for sale at craft fairs; which is also collapsible and easy to put together.

Standard cake, cakepop and lollipop stands were not big enough to hold the dog treats; the holes to hold the treats were too small. So, we designed a bone shaped, two tier clear acrylic stand, with holes cut big enough to cater for the dog treats. We had to space the holes out so the treats could easily be popped in, and created two spacers for the two layers to stand over each other. As a finishing touch, we engraved the company name on either side of one of the stands.

Application:   Custom Display and Branding

Service:            Laser Cutting and Engraving

Materials:        Clear Acrylic (Perspex®)

Product:           Two Tier Acrylic Cakepop Stand

Year:                   2014

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