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Laser Cutting Services


Customise stainless steel thermal catering jugs for catering purposes.

Custom Made Branding

Client Brief : Laser mark stainless steel catering jugs with TEA, COFFEE and MILK within a specific area for the catering industry.

We were approached by Neville UK to laser mark their stainless steel thermal catering jugs. Both sides of the jugs were to be marked with either TEA, COFFEE or MILK. After the consultation, the company sent 3 pallets of boxed jugs for us to laser mark. Each jug had to be unboxed and prepared for the laser marking process. This included spraying a chemical compound onto each side of the jug in the area to be marked; the laser process anneals the compound to the jug, leaving the design, or in this case the text, black. Each one had to be cleaned, re-boxed and put onto the pallets for their return.

Before we could laser mark them, we had to create a jig to fit the jugs so they would be level for the marking process; this was made out of Lego® which was perfect for holding the jugs.

The file and settings were kept for their future orders.

Application:         Customisation of Products

Service:                 Laser Marking

Materials:             Stainless Stell

Product:                Catering Jugs

Year:                       2018

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