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Laser Cutting Services


Custom branding stainless steel hinge plates with logo for easy company recognition.

Custom Made Branding

Client Brief : Looking to have their logo put onto stainless steel hinge plates for their bespoke joinery business.

The company sent out hundreds of these little stainless steel hinge plates to us with the goal of having their company branding marked onto them, so they can be discretely placed into their bespoke cupboards. They emailed their artwork file ready for us to create their customised hinge plates. The original artwork proved to be too small for the plate, so we easily up scaled the artwork to fit the area.

We had to create a jig out of MDF to hold the plates in place and spray them with a chemical compound called Cermark. Once in the laser machine, the laser beam is set to work where the annealing process takes place. The beam anneals the compound to the stainless steel, leaving a permanent black artwork.

Application:        Compound Metal Marking

Service:                 Laser Marking

Materials:             Stainless Steel

Product:                Hinge Plates

Year:                        2017

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