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Laser Cutting Services


Customise bare and anodised aluminium custom car panels for adding to client’s product portfolio.

Custom Made Branding

Client Brief : Mark car icons and crosshairs onto car panels to installed into classic cars.

The company sent out a number of bare and anodised aluminium car panels for us to laser mark car icons and crosshairs. They also sent paper artwork with the icons and measurements in pencil, which we had to re-create and digitalise onto our software. 

The bare panels were prepped with a chemical compound and once lasered, permanent black icons and crosshairs were left on the panels. The anodised panels were easier to laser mark, as the powder coating was removed by the laser, leaving the colour of the bare aluminium underneath showing through.

Application:        Customise plain product into a saleable product

Service:                 Laser Marking

Materials:             Bare and Anodised Aluminium

Product:                Classic Car Panels

Year:                        2017

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